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The automatic water purifying system

Creates Drinking Water

Sunwell purifies drinking water using only the Sun. With no use of filters which makes for a solution that is cheap to use. With the technology behind it we can guarantee that the water that comes out fo the system is safe to drink

Uses Renewable Energy

The system relies solely on renewable energy. Both the control system and purification method relies on the energy from the Sun. As long as the sun shines you can be assured that Sunwell will produce water for you!

Kills pathogens

Using the natural UV-radiation from the Sun, the Sunwell system purifies water and gives you a sustainable source of drinking water. This is a method that is not uncommon, the great thing about Sunwell is that it makes sure the water is purified before letting you drink it. No work involved, Sunwell does it for you!

Fully Automatic

The system works automatically and you don’t need to do anything once its installed.

How does it work?

Install Sunwell on the roof of your home - it will continously provide drinking water to you and your family
  • water bottle

    We guarantee at least 20 litres of drinking water each day

  • quality

    We want to deliver a product with a lifespan of at least 10 years

  • savings

    Buying a Sunwell is not a cost - its an investment. For most families it pays off within 1-2 years!

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